• Image of Stargazer Swag

Stargazer Swag includes:
• Hand printed Eco-Tote
• Bedtime Stories || Oh Stargazer CD
• Poster

Eco-Friendly durable tote is ONLY SOLD with the "Stargazer Swag" this Holiday Season! Choose from:

Royal Violet Gruffalo
Pacific Blue Mermaid
Hot Pink Aquarius
Mint Blue Pegasus
Sea Green Aries

Each tote is completely unique. PLEASE EMAIL paypal@riesinclair.com if you desire a particular character, or we will be happy to surprise you.

*Autographed posters also available per emailed request!

Shipping available: Priority or Express mail only.

View More images: http://imissyourecords.wordpress.com/sparkling-violets/